Principal's Message

“If we have a necessary will to do a particular thing, no impediment however big and thorny, can prevent us from achieving our goal”

The beginning of any longest journey begins with the very first step. Once started, it is the untiring effort of determination, dedication and devotion for achieving the cherished dream. One of the dreams is to see TRCAC at the pinnacle of success with other institutions as my ideology is to ensure harmonious growth of the institution and all those associated with the institute.

In the past 25 years, Thakur Educational Group has grown in strength as well as in size with overall excellence. The newly built ‘Thakur Ramnarayan College of Arts and Commerce’ is an extension to this glorious tradition.

It has been our endeavour to offer the best facilities to our students. The brilliant vibrant energy that it transmits to our students itself is an achievement.

We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each learner to actualize their potential and overcome the life long challenges in the competitive globalised environment. We aspire for high standard in the transmission of knowledge within a lively and interactive environment, leading learners to gain distinction and honours in their respective field.

The institution instills the attitude of service and social responsibility that ensures our students are change- makers and community builders of the future. At TRCAC, we believe that growth and change for betterment are continuous and ongoing process.

To conclude, I express my sincere commitment to assist everyone in their development which ultimately fosters progress of the institute. Excellence and Quality Service are the maxims of TRCAC as true progression lies in giving back to the society

                    Dr. Ravish R. Singh

Dr. Ravish R. Singh


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