Located on the first floor of the college building, the Library of Thakur Ramnarayan College of Arts and Commerce acts as a gateway of knowledge for the students and faculty alike. The library is well equipped with an extensive collection of books and reference materials which acts as one of the pillars for the all-around life-long development of the students and as a workshop to help them unleash their creative side. Ever since the establishment of the college, the Library continues to emerge and grow bountifully, now standing with a collection of over 3613 of books , 15 journals & magazines, 5 newspapers , acting as an important source of aid required for the teaching-learning process. Library also subscribes to the N-LIST Program of INFLIBNET. Through the N-LIST Program more than 6000+ e-journals and 3135000+ e-books in various subjects are available for the users.


TRCAC library with an aim to provide easy access to the right information at the right time to all its users, offer a package of Basic user focused services to support the learning & teaching; research and development activities of students, faculty, and staff members.

  1. Library membership
  2. Circulation
  3. Reading facility
  4. New Arrivals
  5. Previous Year Exam, Question Papers
  6. Newspaper Clippings

Library opening hours

  1. 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM
  2. Library remains closed on Sunday and College Holidays.


  1. Student is responsible for the books borrowed against his/her card.
  2. Complete silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library.
  3. Computer terminal (OPAC) provided for students to search books should be used with utmost care.
  4. Every student entering the Library premises should have a valid college Identity Card. It should be produced as and when demanded by any Library Staff.
  5. Library Cards are not transferable.
  6. Books issued against Library Issue Cards are for reference purposes only in the library. It should not be taken outside the library without permission and should be returned on the same day. If one fails to return, fine of 10/- per day, per book will be charged.
  7. Students must handle books/periodicals, etc. with care. Any attempt to damage books /periodicals by marking or tearing the pages will be treated as misconduct and strict action will be taken.
  8. Books should be returned whenever demanded by the Library Staff.
  9. If any reference book is required, students should approach the Librarian.
  10. Mobile Phones, iPods, Mp3 Players, Walkman etc. are not allowed in the Library.
  11. Eatables are not allowed in the Library
  12. In case of theft/ loss of Library Card, inform it to the Librarian in writing at the earliest by paying a fee of Rs 100/- for the duplicate card.
  13. In case of disregard of these rules & regulations, strict action will be taken against the student.
  14. All Light & Fans Should be Switched off when not required in the Library.

Reading Materials Borrowing Privilege

Degree/ Junior student:

  1. 1 Book is allowed for home issue for 7 days on home issue card.
  2. One loose issue (Older than 3 weeks) of journals/Magazines for 7 days.
  3. Three times of renewal will be provided.
  4. Renewal of the books will depend upon the demand for the same.

Late Fee:

  1. Rs 5.00 per day, per book will be charged after 7 days.
  2. Failing to return onsite books on the same day, a fine of Rs 10/- per day, per book will be charged.

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