Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the Institute’s academic, research, training and consultancy programmers, the LIBRARY was set-up as one of the key Divisions of the Thakur Ramnarayan College of Arts & Commerce, Mumbai.

E- Resources are digital objects containing electronic representation of books, journals and other form of reading materials and they are converted into a digitized form in order to be read by a computer. An e-database is an organized collection of large information, of a particular subject or various subject areas. The information of an e-database can be searched and retrieved electronically. Contents include journal articles, newspapers articles, books reviews and conference proceedings, etc. e-databases usually updated on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. Library resources are now available electronically and can be access via the web. You can get the information you want, when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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